When To Trim Your Beard - Weekly Update

—Wil Mouradian

Jack's back for his 13th yeard journey update, and this time he's talking to us about when to trim your beard (and how). Accepting the yeard challenge is daunting and leaves you with a lot of questions, which is why Jack has taken on this series in the first place! 

Accepting the yeard challenge does not mean you have to stop trimming and taking care of your beard. In fact, grooming and maintaining your beard regularly through the yeard process will make your beard more attractive, healthier, and give it the definition that it wouldn't have without some maintenance. At just over three months of growth, Jack's approaching trimming time, so he wanted to share his thoughts with us.   

First things first - if you have never trimmed your beard, go to a barber. They'll have the delicate hand and experience needed to make sure they clean up your beard without taking a noticeable length off your beard. If you don't want to go to a barber, be sure to check out some of our videos before looking for the comb and clippers.

There are three separate milestones you can consider for trimming, each having a significantly different look. 

Milestone 1- 30 Days: The first 30 days of growth are wildly different for everyone. Your beard may be much larger than you thought it'd be, or it may be a lot shorter (everyone is different). While the length of the beard itself may not need a trim, your trusted local barber will be able to shape out the guidelines of your beard and clean up your edges. This first trim will help you shave accurately, so you don't mess up your look (this weekly update contains "5 Things That Ruin A Beard" - check out this video to see what we mean). 

Milestone 2 - Three Months: This is when you're going to see the full, short beard that is tight but dense and round (also called the Athletic Beard). You'll have some split ends, some flyaways, and an unformed shape that might need some guidance. At this point, it's important to start mentioning that you just want better definition or a clean-up.. not trimming for length. 

Milestone 3 - Six Months: At this point, your beard will be a fair distance from your face with some significant definition and volume. It'll get wild without trimming and products, so helping yourself with a professional barber will save you a lot of time and frustration (and get rid of your split ends). 

When going for a yeard, embracing grooming and professional help will amp up your confidence and give you some skills to make the whole process easier. Don't forget to stock up on beard oil and utility balm - the longer you grow, the more you'll need!  


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