White Collection

The Beardbrand White Line of beard oils is our main street line. We use round bottles to help keep the production costs down and we limit the number of essential oils to two or less scents. Each oil has a base of apricot, grapeseed, jojoba, and castor oil which make them lightweight and non-greasy. These are quality products that are great for pockets on a budget or for newcomers to the world of men's grooming.


Blank Slate

Perhaps you appreciate the minimal. Perhaps your skin is sensitive. Perhaps smelling like a forest isn't your thing. Blank Slate gives you all the same great benefits of using beard oil, but without the fragrance. We've also removed almond oil and argan oil for those with tree nut allergies. While the natural oils still provide a slight earthy aroma, it's free from any essential oils. 

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Lumber Yard

As the name suggest, this woodsy scent blend smells as if we bottled up a small piece of a lumber yard. Warm cedarwood notes with the soft, leveling notes of sandalwood are paired perfectly together. A lovely contrast to the potent Tree Ranger, this White Collection classic is a perfect choice for fall / winter. 

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Urban Garden

Finally, spring can be in the air all year round. Urban Garden stands out in a world typically dominated by woodsy beard oils. It's a punchy and herbaceous blend of fennel and elemi notes, along with accents of cucumber and licorice. A perfect spring / summer blend, Urban Garden is a lightweight and fresh addition to our White Collection.

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