If you've taken our quiz and are curious about the different types of beardsman there are out there, we've broken them down for you! No matter what type of beardsman you are, we're glad to have you in our community. If you haven't taken it yet, take the quiz to find out!

The Vintage Beardsman

Congrats! You are cut from a different cloth. This is the rarest beardsman type, with just 3.6% of those surveyed being Vintage Beardsman. You pay homage to those who came before and appreciate how things have been done in the past. You aren’t interested in trends and prefer timeless, hand-crafted classics. Your connection to history allows you to find styles not yet in fashion, helping you stand out from the mainstream crowd. Shop the Vintage Beardsman collection >

The Badass Beardsman

You don’t shy away from challenges; you take them head-on. This hunger makes you bold, but your confidence isn’t faked—it’s built on years of experience, hard work, and lessons learned. As a Badass Beardsman, you’re able to command the attention of a room just by walking into it. You know exactly who you are, and your kindness is never mistaken for weakness. 14% of those surveyed come in as a Badass Beardsman. Shop the Badass Beardsman collection >

The Urban Beardsman

You are part of the community that has helped shift what a bearded individual is supposed to look like. You invest in yourself, your community, and your career while striving to make a notable impact on the world. To you, a beard isn't the mark of a lazy bum—it’s a representation of your freedom to define who you want to be. You're also in pretty rarified air with just 13% of men surveyed being Urban Beardsmen. Shop the Urban Beardsman collection >

The Eclectic Beardsman

Funny enough, this is the most common beardsman! Almost 30% of those surveyed are Eclectic Beardsmen. You are a universal and worldly person with many different passions. Applying a label to you is a bit ridiculous because you don’t fit neatly into most boxes. Your breadth of experience allows you to build authentic relationships, and your circle of friends is as wide-ranging as you are. Shop the Eclectic Beardsman collection >

The Outdoors Beardsman

This is the third most common beardsman type, with 16% of guys identifying as an Outdoors Beardsman. You love being in the great outdoors—whether that's doing small projects at your house, taking weekend trips to the woods, or surfing a few waves before work. Nature brings such beauty to the world, and you are one of the few who takes time to appreciate it. Shop the Outdoors Beardsman collection >

The Traveler Beardsman

The world is a big place, but you make it seem small by bringing people together. You're a free spirit that doesn't like to be chained down by traditional constraints. You invest time in learning about other people and places, and your worldliness makes you charismatic in social settings. 23% of those surveyed are Traveler Beardsmen, making it the second most common beardsman type. Shop the Traveler Beardsman collection >

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