Can Working Out Help You Grow A Better Beard?

We here at Urban Beardsman believe that beards can provide all sorts of benefits to those who grow out their beards. There are endless reasons why beards can better your overall health and we have plenty of tips on how to keep that beard of yours, bringer of life and good fortune, looking and feeling its best. However, when it comes to improving the rate at which your beard grows, we get asked regularly: are there ways for beardsmen to jump start the process?

Much like one’s overall health, the most efficient way to quick start beard growth can be through working out regularly. In the past few years, there have been reports linking fitness and beard growth and when you think about it, it’s easy to see how one could affect the other. Let’s look at the facts:

-Working out increases testosterone and testosterone triggers facial hair growth.

-Working out improves bodily health and the healthier you are, the stronger your hair growth and strength are.

-Working out triggers bodily recovery, which can help replenish hair and skin.

-Working out boosts metabolism, which can spur hair growth and health.

The obvious take away here is that if you become more physically active and start taking health and fitness a little more seriously, you’ll see improvements from head to toe, including your beard. Just like any other part of your body, your beard will benefit from you treating your entire self with a little more respect and focus. In addition to all of this, working out simply makes you feel better, both physically and mentally. When we feel good, we’re more confident, and when we’re more confident, we stop sweating the details of how thick our beards are or aren’t.

For those of you out there who aren’t particularly physically active, even taking small steps in a healthier direction can have positive effects. By altering your diet to include more nourishing food, you’ll see improvements in the health of your skin and hair, two areas on your body that will improve quickly once you start fueling your machine in a more positive way. Just remember, even as you start working out more, there’s a right and wrong way to keep that ever-growing beard of yours clean and well lubricated. From there, the sky’s the limit and no matter what sort of exercise you fancy, your beard’s health will continue to improve with each day you’re able to make a little healthier.

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Eric Bandholz, Founder