Men’s Guide to Long Curly Hair

Trends seemingly come and go without a moment’s notice. One day everyone’s wearing ripped jeans and the next it’s selvage denim as far as the eyes can see. Similarly, men's hairstyles tend to roll forth on a circular loop, when trends of yesteryear make their way back just as people were starting to forget about them. Although the likes of denim jackets and mustaches have both made return appearances in the last few years, today we’re looking at one aspect of men’s style in particular: long hair.

Long hair is back in full effect and Urban Beardsman founder, and former wearer of long hair himself, Eric Bandholz decided to consult his long haired friend, and fellow YouTube-er, Mike Falzone for some tips on how to handle those newfound long locks you might be considering. According to Falzone, long hair gets really tangled and knotted and he’s constantly dealing with broken hairs and split ends. However, using a quality leave-in conditioner helps keep frizz at bay while maintaining curls and it helps weigh your hair down, instead of it shooting out, Sideshow Bob-style. Additionally, putting your long hair back in a bun can be a great options when it’s super windy or hot out, but whether you go top knot, mid-knot, or bottom knot, well, that’s up to you.

For any other questions regarding handling those finicky long locks, tweet us at @beardbrand or you can contact the men himself at @bandholz and @MikeFalzone.

Beard on everyone.


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