How to Get Your Best Haircut With a Barber You Don't Know

—Josh Lawson

In a recent video, you may have noticed Greg got his hair cut into a bald fade undercut. Well, today we're watching him get that haircut, but his barber was a little shy so it should be interesting! Now Greg is in the chair with his barber Tony. Or at least that's what he thinks his name is. To be honest, he doesn't really know. The shop is called Tony's barbershop, so we can only assume.

This type of experience is pretty typical for Greg and this barbershop. There's not much conversation. Essentially, the only words the barber asked were, "What do you want?" and Greg said he wanted a clipperless guard above the ear, tapered back, minimal lining on the front, and nothing off the top. That's the only degree of conversation that occurred. Tony wasn't too pleased about having to talk on camera but seemed intrigued by the video going up on YouTube.

Greg wants to use this as an example of going to a barber you may not know well or who may not speak the same language as you, and still get a good haircut. About four years ago, Greg set out to look for barbers in Philadelphia that he could use and establish the best rapport with. In the course of 6 months, he got his hair cut once a month by a different barber each time. The idea was to find different barbershops with specialties he could pull from. This allows you to have a barber that takes appointments, one that does great fades, and one that's great for getting in and out when you really need to get it cut.

Tony goes right in with the tight clippers around the ear and back of the neck and doesn't make any guidelines. He plays it all by eye; taking into account Greg's grey hair and how it's all laying that day. Tony will go around his head several times to check it all and blend the hair. Tony creates a very seamless fade. Greg actually has very sensitive skin, so whenever a barber uses clippers on his neck it almost looks like he's getting a heat rash, but that goes away after a few minutes.

Some people don't want to put their trust in a brand new barber, but in the end, it's just hair. It'll grow back. If it's bad, you'll have no problem finding a barber within a week or two to fix it. Very rarely will you get a haircut so bad that you need to get it fixed the next day. Most people aren't as critical of your hair as you are.

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