Mustache Gaps and Other Tips - Weekly Update

—Wil Mouradian

Jack's back with his 12th yeard journey update, and he's finally going to talk about his mustache gap. Yes - the gap in the middle of his mustache that everyone comments about on Youtube. No, he doesn't shave that tiny gap into his mustache - it's just genetics, and he's ready to embrace it the Beardbrand way (own it and rock it with confidence). 

Becoming comfortable with yourself is totally important - be it beard patches, a mustache gap, a curly beard, a straight beard, your body size - the things that are out of your control are important to own and accept so you can be confident in who you are. 

The mustache gap happens in an area called the "philtrum" (or cupid's bow). If you have a large philtrum, it may cause a mustache gap to be more apparent. Hair is less likely to grow in these anatomical folds, so those with a smaller philtrum are going to have a less noticeable mustache gap. That's just the way the cookie crumbles. 

If you're really not into your mustache gap, you can do a couple things. First, check out this video to help you style your beard and mustache accordingly:

Or you can use a comb and wax to comb your 'stache growth towards the center, concealing your mustache gap.

Always reach out with any other questions you have - we're here to make sure you keep on growing. 


Here are the other awesome videos we've posted this week - check them out for beard grooming and styling tips, as well as some awesome barbershop videos. 

Low Blended Fade - Men's Haircut from Josh


Josh at Gentleman and Rogue's club details a classic fade cut, blending the hair lower than usual to suit his client's needs. 

Great Haircut for Thinning Hair from Charlie 

Charlie gives a great, stylish haircut to a friendly client at Gentleman and Rogue's Club. The client has a pretty high hairline and his hair is finer than most, so this is a great cut to showcase the parts of the client's hair that give him confidence.

Thoughts on Consumerism with Mahesh


Mahesh gives us the breakdown on things to think about with consumerist culture, entrepeunerism, and marketing. 

Low Fade with a Stylish Cut from Charlie

Charlie gives his customer a low fade and a timeless stylish cut. 

Trimming a Yeard with Drew 

Drew from Drew's Obsessions finishes his Yeard Journey (congratulations, Drew!) and grooms his monster of a beard into something a bit more manageable (but still huge). 

Master Barber Mahesh Gives Advice on Thinning Hair 

Mahesh gives his customer a fantastic haircut, and provides some valuable insight into working with thinning hair.