Top 10 Beard Grooming FAQs

—Wil Mouradian
Top 10 Beard Grooming FAQs

Hey - it's Wil with Beardbrand again. I recently met with Sylvester - one of our Customer Experience staff - to make sure I understood which grooming and facial hair care questions came up most frequently in his queue.

We're all dedicated to making sure men have the information and guidance they need to keep on growing with confidence. This means ensuring all of the great education our community has is available on all channels from our social media, to the support queue, to our blogs. 

I've put together the notes from our meeting to write this article on the most frequently asked questions of the Beardbrand support team. Never hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] if you need some help!

1. How do I grow my beard faster?

This is the most common question we get across all of our community channels. We get it - every guy who wants a beard has seen how full and thick they can get in movies, on celebrities, and in highly public guys who have all the genetics needed to check off every box in the "Perfect" Beard checklist (I use quotation marks because perfect is 100% subjective). At the end of the day, the truth is that no beard is perfect. Some grow in patchy, others grow in dense, some are curly, and some are wavy. Everyone is different, and you aren't in control of your genes. 

There are a few things you can do to help speed up the process, though - you just have to be extremely patient. All great things take time and consistency, and gearing your body for better beard growth is one of those things. Exercising and eating a balanced diet are essential for optimal beard growth, as well as regular grooming. Check out this article on growing and maintaining a better beard for more detailed insight. 

2. What do I do about my beard's cowlick?


 This part of the beard can be one of the most frustrating, but it's not the end of the world (and definitely not the biggest obstacle to a rad beard!). Genetics can cause the corners of our beard to grow into these spirals - and sometimes no matter how you trim or shave them, they keep growing back in the same direction. There are two different things you can do here when working around the cowlick. 

The first thing? Go to a barber. Your trusted local barber with lots of beard grooming experience is going to give you the extra tricks you need to keep this under control. He or she will even be able to cut and blend it in such a way that it won't need upkeep for a while - and you can ask them tips on how to manage it between shop visits, too. 

The other option is to try growing it out long enough to train the beard with oil, heat, and a boar's hair brush. It's harder to train the hair to grow a certain way at shorter lengths, so this solution requires a lot of patience. Here is a video to help you out. 

3. Why is my grey coming in unevenly?

Grey hair happens when the pigment cells of a hair follicle stop producing melanin. As we age and go grey, there's only so much we can control in terms of our body. No amount of exercise, rest, and healthy diet is going to change the rate or pattern in which you go grey. I have a good amount of grey in the front of my beard, but it grew in from the left side to the right over time. My father's grey came in perfectly evenly over the course of a decade. No one person is the same. 

At Beardbrand we believe strongly in embracing your genetics and working with what you've got. Confidence comes from owning your unique beard, body, and style, and going grey is no different. Your body's unique genetic makeup and physiology are what make your greying patterns unique. 

4. How do I style my mustache? 

There are tons of different ways you can style a mustache. You just need the right tools, a bit of patience, and a bit of practice. Mustache wax is fundamental when it comes to mustache grooming, and so is having a mustache comb. You'll wanna get used to using some heat, too. Here are our best articles for styling your 'stache:

Expert Mustache Grooming Tips from Greg

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The Ultimate Mustache Styling Guide

5. Can I use any brush on my beard?


You can definitely use any brush or comb on your beard, but there are definitely better choices than others for your grooming tools

A boar's hair brush has several unique qualities that make it the best brush for your beard. The boar bristles actually have a scaled texture to them, which allow them to pick up dust, dirt, and excess oil as you groom your beard. When combined with with the stiffness of the hair, these scales also help with a stronger brush stroke that softens the beard more effectively and can exfoliate the skin underneath. None of this is present in a more typical plastic brush.

Plastic bristle brushes may be less expensive, but they don't have the meticulous details that make the boar's hair brush specifically better for your beard. Here's an article with everything you need to know about a boar's hair brush. 

6. My beard is so thick and curly that I can't seem to tame it with balm or a brush. What can I do?


Well, that's a good problem to have! Some of us - myself included - have super thick and long beards that actually take a ton of maintenance to keep under control. From personal experience, I can say that it took a turning point for me when I started using a hair dryer. 

Grooming your beard while applying heat trains the hair into the position you're styling it in. It doesn't take very long at all, and it's the best solution to your problem. There are plenty of practical and inexpensive hair dryers on the market that will open your world to new looks and ideas. Here are a couple videos of some best practices for using heat on your beard:

Expert Guide to Grooming a Giant Beard

Your Beard Routine In Real Time

Hair Drying, Heat Damage, and Your Beard

7. How do I get rid of "swoops" and "waves" in my beard?

Tons of guys get the "beard wave" - where a huge chunk of your beard grows curled in a weird direction, and you can't seem to trim around it or get it to stay in place. Luckily, Jeff has been dealing with this for years. He's got a good video (click above) on how to take care of this effectively. Sneak peek - he uses a hair dryer, a large comb, and beard oil

8. I'm grey - what beard dye do you recommend?

Grey Beard

Beardbrand is on a mission to help guys embrace their look with confidence and owning what they have. Our products are made with that in mind, so we use all natural ingredients where possible, and don't use any coloring or dyes. 

That being said, we really hope that if you're going grey, you can embrace it and showcase it for others to envy. Grey hair may seem like it's associated with age above everything else, but it's also associated with wisdom, experience, and authority. If you still want to dye your beard, feel empowered to do so. There are no dyes on the market that match our brand standards, but we suggest that you go with natural dyes if you decide to try it out. 

If you're curious about what your grey beard might look like with color added in, check out Greg's video for a look before making any decisions. 

9. Does beard oil give people acne?


Everyone is different when it comes to facial hair, and the same can be said for the skin. The skin under your beard is softer and more sensitive than your head and other parts of your body, so some people may react unexpectedly to different kinds of skin and hair products. 

Our beard oils were designed to be lightweight, non-greasy, and to absorb quickly - eliminating breakouts from clogged pores. However, your skin may be sensitive to an ingredient in any one of our products. My skin reacts negatively in products that contain olive oil, but I don't know anyone personally who shares this trait. Conversely, a couple people in the office don't respond optimally to almond oil. I cannot stress it enough when I say that everyone is different, and that's not a bad thing.

If you have sensitive skin and you're afraid of a reaction from our products, we recommend starting with a modest amount of oil in your beard and gradually working your way up to bigger amounts, paying careful attention to your skin as you do. If you have a reaction to one of our products, we stand by our satisfaction guarantee and will happily exchange it for a product you'll love. 

This article goes more in-depth on what beard oil is and how to apply it. If you still have more questions, always feel empowered to ask!

10. What product is best for me?

If you're ready to start grooming but don't know how, picking a beard oil and learning how to use it is a great place to start. As you grow your beard and get more familiar with it, different techniques and products are going to be ideal for specific situations. 

Here are a few articles to point you in the right direction. 

The Difference Between Beard Oil and Beard Balm

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Expert Guide to Grooming a Giant Beard

The Wrap Up

Those are our top 10 customer questions when it comes to grooming their facial hair. If you ever need advice on products, grooming, or style, never hesitate to reach out to us on social media or at [email protected]