Expert Guide to Grooming a Giant Beard

—Wil Mouradian

Mahesh is here for Beardbrand to give us a talk on styling, grooming, and how to make the most of what we've got. He's going to take us through his ritual to soften, strengthen, and straighten with as much strength and care as possible.

Waking Up

Waking up with bed head is kind of the worst - the beard is easy to mess up and it's delicate. If you've got to work through bedhead (or bedbeard, in this case) and you don't want to wash it (because you shouldn't be washing it every day) - you should run some water through it with a bit of beard softener to loosen it up. If you try to wash it frequently, the beard hair will grow brittle, dry out, and stop growing healthily.

Beard softener closes up the cuticle (outer) layer of the hair, causing it to be smoother and firmer. When hair is coarse and brittle, it means the cuticle layer of the hair is raised and the hair is fragile and delicate.

Preparing the Beard

You'll want a thick comb (double sided), beard oil, and a hair dryer.

Mahesh compares drying your beard to throwing your jeans in the wash - you need to remove the excess hair before attempting to dry your beard with a blow dryer. Take the time to ring out your beard and remove excess water before attempting to groom it. Then, apply some beard oil.

The Tip

The tip of the beard is actually the longest, oldest part of your beard. You should take careful attention to it when massaging beard oil, grooming, combing, or clipping it. Treat your beard well!


The Comb

Mahesh uses our dual sided comb, and advises that we comb down through just a bit of the beard at the time, starting at the bottom and working your way up. If you start at the top and comb all the way downwards, you're going to run into a lot of snags that can damage your hair and make grooming an unpleasant experience.

The Blow Dryer

When blow drying beard, dry it downwards to strengthen the cuticle layer of the hair. If you heat dry the beard from underneath at an upward angle, it'll coarsen the cuticles and make your hair brittle. If you heat dry your hair in a downward angle, it keeps the cuticles closed and the beard smooth.

Mahesh uses a flat tipped nozzle to focus the heated air in his dryer. His pro tip? Do this as efficiently as possible to minimize damage to the beard.

He begins by combing out his mustache to the sides with the heat applied. While the mustache hair is still warm and dry, you can work and train it into position which Mahesh demonstrates. Once it cools down, it'll hold position.

Mahesh then works his comb down through the beard with his comb one chunk at a time, from the bottom to the top. He moves his blow dryer with the comb in order to minimize unnecessary hair damage from the heat.

Like with the mustache, Mahesh is able to mold and shape the beard a bit until it cools down.


  • Use a good beard wash.
  • Use a good softener - leave a bit in to condition through the day.
  • Oil the beard thoroughly and gently dry out excess water.
  • Comb into shape.
  • Blow dry downwards with the comb.


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