Quality Beard Combs for the Modern Beardsman

—Parker Mallouf
Quality Beard Combs for the Modern Beardsman

The Benefits of Combing Your Beard

A beard comb is one of the most under utilized, under appreciated grooming tools on the market. This essential piece of equipment can be used for a multitude of purposes.

Combs are great for detangling those stubborn fly-away hairs. It is also used to style your mustache and keep the hair out of your mouth. Constant and consistent combing of the 'stache will actually train the hairs to grow in a certain direction. This is also pertinent to styling the rest of your beard. Since beard hair tends to be a bit more wiry than head hair, it is vital to train the hairs to grow the way you want them to grow.  

Training your beard to grow properly can also save your skin from unsightly ingrown hairs that are often found in curly beards. You will also detangle your beard while giving it some extra volume. This will make the beard appear thicker and fuller. 

Don't believe me? Use a beard comb for several weeks on a regular basis. After a month or so, stop combing your beard and see what happens. The results are almost instant.

Another important attribute of a nice beard comb is the ability to aid in applying conditioning products such as beard oil or beard balm. For most guys, especially those with longer beards, applying beard oil or balm with your hands doesn't quite cut it. Although your skin might be amply moisturized, you beard still needs to be lathered from end to end. Using a comb to rake the product through the beard is a great way to guarantee your beard will be properly moisturized. 

Barbers have respect for quality grooming equipment like no one else. A high-end beard comb is essential when trimming beards on their clients. The comb is often used as a ruler to cut straight lines while shaping a beard. The comb acts as a guard for the scissors or trimmers. 

Why Your Beard Deserves The Best

Now when most people think about purchasing a comb, it's safe to say not much thought goes into it. However, cheap, low-quality combs can actually do more damage than good. This is especially true for beard combs. 

If any of you out there have ever tried to use a cheap, over-the-counter comb, you've probably experienced a minor heart attack. Few things are scarier than seeing all the hair on your counter and in your sink that were ripped from your beard.

Cheap plastic combs have micro sharp edges that can cut and break your beard hairs. This in turn leads to split ends and asymmetrical beard growth. Quality wooden combs won't have the same damaging effect, but the wood texture will make it snag on your precious hairs. The snagging of the comb can be discomforting, especially if you're a frequent beard comber. 

What Makes Our Combs Awesome?

For these reasons Beardbrand has engineered and designed a comb that will effortlessly glide through your beard. Our newly redesigned handmade beard and mustache combs are made from Italian cellulose-based acetate. The teeth are custom spaced to provide optimal effectiveness.

The comb is cut out of an acetate sheet. The edges are then polished, and the teeth are bevelled and cut. immediately after, the newly cut comb is polished and brushed to remove any remanence left over from the saw.

The teeth are then rounded with a pumice to ensure there are no sharp edges that could cut or snag the beard hair. The result are finely tuned, smoothly tapered teeth with rounded tips for maximum comfort.

Last but certainly not least, the comb is exposed to an acid vapor and tumbled. This gives the comb a polished finish. 

The dimensions for our newly released combs are as followed:

Large Beard Comb: Size dimensions: 6.88" x 0.125" x 1.625" measurements,
Made in Switzerland, Cellulose-acetate, Handmade 

Mustache Comb: Size dimensions: 2.69" x 0.125" x 0.625", Made in Switzerland, Cellulose-acetate, Handmade

Pocket Beard Comb: Size dimensions: 4.31" x 0.125" x 1.625",
Made in Switzerland, Cellulose-acetate, Handmade 

So, How Do You Use the Damn Thing? 

As simple as it might seem, there is definitely an art to combing your beard. Proper combing is essential to get the best results out of your comb and other beard products. 

You'll want to brush your beard upward starting from your neckline. This will separate the beard hairs, and detangle any existing snags. 

Work your way through the different layers of your beard. This will fluff you beard out and allow it to dry quicker (if your combing after a shower). 

While your beard is in a fluffed up position, go ahead and apply any beard oil or beard balm. 

Now run the comb the opposite direction and lay the beard back down to a natural look. You can also use a boars hair brush for this step if you're rocking a shorter styled beard. The end result will be a nice, controlled beard free from tangles. 


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