What to Do When You Want to Grow a Beard and You Find Patches

—Josh Lawson

So it's been 12 weeks since you started to grow out your beard, and since Greg started posting videos on our channel. Now what? Well, Greg is gonna fill you in on what the next steps should be in your beard journey.

In his first video he talked about leaving you beard alone for at least 3 months, without trimming, to take inventory and see what you can grow. A bunch of people have taken that to heart and coming to Greg for advice in the comment section of the channel and as well as his personal Instagram. Some guys are giving a huge thumbs up and saying it went well, and other guys are realizing that their beard isn't what they thought it would be.

What do you do after a three-month growing period though? Most people won't go for the yeard project. Most guys will have a beard that's anywhere between 3-5 months worth of growth. Greg calls it the practical beard. It can be worn in business. It doesn't get in the way if you're doing physical labor. It's just practical for most situations.

During these past three months, without trimming, you may have noticed that your hair goes quite high on your cheeks, or that your neck gets completely covered. Now is the time to take inventory, and decide the kind of look that you want for your beard. There are a ton of examples within the team like Eric, Carlos, and Jeff to see what kind of edges you want to have. He's done some videos about keeping your lines looking natural, and another about plucking the hairs that grow too high on your cheek.

To start your decision, look at the people who you admire. If it's someone on the Beardbrand team, just reach out and ask us if you have any questions about specifics. We'd be glad to help out. Google searches and Instagram searches help greatly as well. Those are for y'all who have full beards or thick years.

Sometimes after the three months, it could be revealed that you have some patches, or it's just not growing how you thought it would. His advice would be to give it another month. But, with a lot of the pictures he's seen, the hair just isn't there yet. No amount of time is gonna blend over a beard that is absent. This really happens with guys between 16-23, and what happens a lot is they have a thicker chin strap but are lacking hair along their cheeks. Another thing he sees is that the side burns don't connect with the goatee, or that the chin just doesn't come in at all.

At that point, you can either wear the beard and own the patches. Or you can start to evaluate the different facial hair options that highlight your areas that have a higher density. After taking inventory, you can research the different options available to you and really stylize your hair. You can also just rock a mustache (there are a ton of ways to style that, I promise!) No amount of wishing will put hair on your face. There is no magic oil that grows hair in your patches. It's ok to be a late bloomer, there's nothing wrong with patches. Your beard will get thicker as you age. It might be best to just rock one part of a beard until the rest grows in. There will be some cases where that area just doesn't grow hair, and throughout your 20s your beard will definitely get thicker! Let us know who your beard journey was like, and what style you'd like to try next!

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