Grooming Kit

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The ultimate beard box
The Beard Grooming Kit has everything you need to rock your look with confidence. Housed in a black walnut box, It includes three versatile sizes of our 100% Boar’s Hair Brushes, travel-friendly Beard Trimming Scissors, and two incredibly smooth, limited edition cellulose acetate Beard Combs.

Comb acetate designs will vary from those pictured, depending on availability.

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Beardsman’s Box

Black walnut wood box
Approximately 9.5" L x 4.5" W x 3.75" H

Large Boar’s Hair Brush

Approximately 8.5" long
216mm long (head is 115mm)
100% boar's bristle brush
Premium Wood handle

Round Boar’s Hair Brush

8.625" L x 1.5" W
100% boar's hair bristles
Premium wood handle

Travel Boar’s Hair Brush

6.07" L x 0.95" W
100% boar's hair bristles
Premium wood handle

Large Comb

Size dimensions: 6.88" x 0.125" x 1.625" (177mm x 30mm)
Made in Switzerland

Pocket Comb

Size dimensions: 4.31" x 0.125" x 1.625" (112.5mm x 27.5mm)
Made in Switzerland

Beard Trimming Scissors

5.25" Long
Hollow grind, hone line, semi-convex blade
Japanese-made 4034 stainless steel blade
Blade Hardness: HRC 55 – 56


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Shane S. (North Ridgeville, US)
My beards 2nd favorite box

Absolutely amazing very high-quality well built products. Combs go through beard like a hot razor through butter, feels great, looks great! Brushes have a great grip size and feel to them and also feel great going through my beard. The scissors are super sharp and very high quality. I’d say like that of a Pro Tech and/or Microtech knife, almost a surgeon scalpel level of sharpness! I love them so much I gave my hairstylist a pair and she loved them so much, let’s just say she gave the best trim yet!

Reviewer avatar
Nathan Rohr (Woburn, US)
One helluva deal!

If you're finally starting to take your hair & beard care seriously, this should be your first stop. It gives you every possible tool you'd ever need and at a discount that is unbearably cool. Just the box on its own is, like I am, tremendously nice. I don't know how much longer this will be available as a bundle so I would hop on before it hops off. I had never used a real boar's hair brush before getting the 3 they give you in this kit. Wowza! Please note: my included picture doesn't show everything it comes with, just how I have mine organized for my needs. Easy there, you awesome animals!

Mark (Dammam, SA)
Great kit and speedy delivery

Well presented elegant box which houses all of the items provided. Would of been nice to have it high enough to store beard oil etc in it as well, but hey....

I was impressed with how quick the international delivery was. Have read an article about Beardbrand keeping all this in-house and not using a third party for delivery - I think you’ve used the right model - good work keep it up,

Justin (Statesboro, US)
Not very well thought out

Initially, the box is very nice and the products included. But the box will not hold everything that comes with the kit, and the part I dislike most is it's too small to store beard oil upright. Also the scissors have developed rust spots.

Mr. Marcus (Malé, MV)
Beard in a BOX

If you lack the Beard, at least with this KIT you will have an awesome box.
Super nice content, the brushes works wonders and the grooming scissors was sharp and elegant.
Can recommend to anyone/everyone who wants to have a cool place to stash your beard gear.

Keep up the great work.

Mike F (Fresno, US)
Excellent Kit!

This is really a great kit. I was hesitant at first because of the pricing and price reviews. But I feel better after receiving it...and it's really nice to get everything from one place...Box is constructed very well, clean tight and elegant. I like it so well that I am waiting for restock on purchasing just the box so that I can use it to store even more product from Beardbrand.

The brushes are of good quality and combs have a really nice feel when using on beard and hair.

The scissors are way better than what I thought they would be...pretty sharp and well made for a pair of home scissors for a beard...


theodore scott (Albany, US)
great item

great item but would like to know why so expensive?

Chad S. (Filer, US)
Nice box ya got there!

Arrived fast, all in good shape and well stocked with goodies. Great addition to the counter space.

Not one for leaving well enough alone, I added four small round felt furniture cushions to bottom of box to elevate off counter in case of water migrating across counter. Added two more cushions on back of box to keep back slightly away from backsplash. Now lid will open freely without pushing box away from backsplash.

For future upgrades I might router in a small recess area under center front of lid for a better thumb purchase when opening. Magnets in lid are good and strong so sometimes opening is a two-handed deal as box is quite lightweight. No, wait a minute, I just need to add more awesome Beardbrand products into the box to help weigh it down 😁.

Keep staying awesome!

Scott M. (Orinda, US)
Great box!

This is a great box. The styling, color, hinging, fit of the lid, mangnetic closure, and so on are all excellent. And the tools inside are terrific. It's pricey, but worth it! Holds a lot of beard gear in one, easily accessible and pleasant-to-look-at-and-use place.

Daniel Fink (Kansas City, US)
Simple but elegant

I am loving this box, it has given my beard shelf some class in which it was lacking.

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