A Beard Trim That Follows the Natural Shape of Your Face

—Josh Lawson

Today at Gentleman & Rogues, Mark is in the chair to get a beard trim from Craig. What they want to do is do it properly, and take the weight out from the sides and just clean it up by taking out the length where it begins to fray out. He starts by combing through the beard. Then he takes the clippers and gets a few of the flyaways near the ears, and tapers the sideburns into the skin on the head. Craig also does a bit of freehand on the sides to really give the beard more shape.

He goes in at the cheek line and eyes his way through way needs to be done. He doesn't go flush with the skin but gets just close enough to catch a few hairs. Then he goes in at the sides again to further solidify the shapes he trying to give the beard. Craig is curving the beard so it sits naturally with the shape of Mark's face instead of the square look he had before. Doing this really get the wisps out of the way and makes the beard look full, thick, and healthy.

Then there is a final pass over the front and the under side to see if he missed any areas or needs to take any extra parts off. There weren't too many spots that needed more love, so he finishes by taking a clipper over comb and later a 1.5 guard to taper the beard into the head.

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