Brushing Your Beard And Other Tips - Weekly Recap

—Wil Mouradian

Jack's back again with his 11th yeard update, and this week his beard has gotten a bit puffy. Okay - really puffy. 

When you're growing out your beard, you're inevitably going to notice that facial hair doesn't usually just grow how we want it - it's thick, unpredictable, and sometimes uncooperative. Jack uses a Boar's Hair Brush in order to tame his epic beard (which is growing into a bit of a beast) and goes into detail about why it's important to brush your beard with this tool. Watch the video at the top of this post to hear what he has to say. 

There are a ton of tangible benefits to using the Boar's Hair's Brush (check out that link for a super informative post) - one of the most important being training your beard. 

Training your beard is basically conditioning it to grow in the direction you want it to grow. It takes some patience and practice, but even brushing your beard for an extra minute a day can go a long way in improving your beard style. These advanced beard tips cover training your beard and other techniques to help you along the way. 

Week In Review

Here are the other awesome videos we've posted this week - check them out for beard grooming and styling tips, as well as some awesome barbershop videos. 

Easy Cut and Matte Finish with Eric


Our founder Eric shows us how easy to work with his haircut is, and the secret trick to getting a matte finish while using styling product.

Classic Side Part and Beard Trim with Jack


Jack takes us to his favorite local barbershop to sit back, relax, and enjoy the music while he gets a classic men's cut

A Modern Man with Mahesh


Mahesh takes a moment to sit down and get intellectual with our community - examining what being a man meant when he was growing up vs. what it means to be a man now. Tell us what you think of this one - it's a great listen!


5 Things That Ruin A Beard



Your Boy Eric is back on the channel to give us the 5 Top Things That RUIN a Beard - from using the wrong kind of shampoo to not being aware of your hands (want to know what we mean by that? Watch the video...)


Men's Blended Quiff From Mahesh



Master Barber Mahesh gives his customer James a classic blended quiff. Mahesh has a huge wealth of knowledge about haircuts and beard care - be sure to check out his beard grooming routine, too.


Skin Fade and Textured Haircut From Charlie


Charlie gives his client Will a seamless fade into a modern textured haircut, finishing off with Tea Tree Sea Salt Spray for extra beard volume with a modern look.

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